Trigger Speaker and Moderator at TEDx Amsterdam

Trigger Speaker at TEDx Amsterdam

I was asked to be a moderator and trigger speaker at the TEDx Amsterdam Big X Brainstorm Session.

Brainstorm 1: Re-humanising Business.

A lot of decisions in boardrooms are based on logic. However, consequences have real life impact on people's well-being. Besides, what may seem logic within the corporate paradigm, may not be from a natural or societal systems perspective. What would happen if we were to embody our decisions with constellations? The group’s main conclusion was that “Management can boost team value through social tissue building." Why? "Team value can be captured that would otherwise get lost due to office politics.”

Brainstorm 2: Being human at work.

At work we need to be professional. However, does it mean we should keep our feelings out? “Not really”, according to Oscar. “After all, we bring ourselves to wherever we go. In fact, we are emotional beings in the workplace. Yes, even when we run analyses. Yes, even when we do not admit it. Yes, even when we do not want to take responsibility for feeling hurt by a colleague. It is time to be open about our human issues at work. After all, if you don’t, personal conflicts may spread and deteriorate your business culture at large.”


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