Presentation at the We Fucked Up Agile Meetup

Presentation at We Fucked Up Agile

After an intriguing story by Laurens Bonnema, I shared my experience on how I have seen agile teams develop naturally. What people dynamics do I see coming back over and over again? The event was organized by Stefanie Koch. Since there was a waiting list, we may organise the event once again.

Title of Presentation: Agile Fuckups

Two questions were underlying my presentation. First, what people dynamics are underlying self-directed agile teams? Second, how can you work with that once you know about them? I presented four pieces of advice to avoid agile fuckups, each corresponding with one of the four phases of the natural development of agile teams I found when working with it since ten years: (1) Search for each other’s inner children, and through that make serious fuck ups forgivable and fun again. (2) Discover who of your parents you prove yourself towards and break with similar parent-child dynamics at work. (3) Research hidden loyalties from the past, within the team or between departments, so that emotional space is created for a new start. (4) Dive deep into the painful story beyond the mission and vision, since that is the only way we can avoid re-traumatizing our workforce, while this will also smoothen strategy execution, since one's private family past and one's deepest longing merges with the "collective trauma" that lies within the soul of the organization.


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