Presentation and Interactive Workshop with Company Culture Creation Meetup

Presentation and Interactive Workshop with Company Culture Creation Meetup

In an intimate group I shared my take on organizational work life: Why is it that most regular consultancy trajectories do not work? Why is it that private and work life cannot be separated? I introduced a systemic review model that spells out the systemic layers in our personal and business lives. From the reflection we asked ourselves: What patterns emerge? What is it that we discover by zooming out and taking in the bigger picture? Bringing context to our work experiences was well received. I'm invited for another time. Yay!

Title of Presentation: How to make the social DNA of your business work for you

This month's Meetup will feature guest-speaker Oscar Westra Van Holthe, systemic coach. He will offer his views on organisational systemic work. Come and explore with us how to make untraceable organizational dynamics visible, so you can breakthrough company culture dogmas. What is blocking you from getting results, making lasting changes, and enjoying your work? What historical, intergenerational and psychological patterns make up the social tissue and DNA of your business? Zoom out and discover how work may be very personal, or not personal at all. Are you ready to look at yourself?


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