Interview on Systemic Work with Emma Sánchez

ISCA interview with Emma Sánchez

In preparation of this year's gathering of the International Systemic Constellations Association, I'm doing short interviews with systemic coaches, trainers, presenters, and frontrunners in the constellations field.


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So I'm here with Emma Sánchez from Mexico City.

That's right!

And you've been working with constellations for 15 years.


So, let's do this! We're in Kochel in the southern of Germany, at the moment, inside, because it's a little bit cold outside. So, my first question around this theme is: A lot of constellators seem to have a difficulty in explaining the work. So I thought: If there is one thing that connects us, it's this one thing; how to explain the work. So I thought, why not ask a few different people how they actually explain constellations. And since it's so difficult, there's not really a wrong way to do it. So, what does constellation work mean to you? And how would you explain it to someone who maybe doesn't know much about it?

As you've said before, it's not that easy to explain what it is. Usually, you will understand it once you've got the experience to be in a constellation, by being a representative or doing your own. But I could say that for me, being in and knowing constellations work has helped me to understand me and know me within my family of origins, my own family, my sons, my husband and all.The things that happened between us. It has been a lot easier to understand me in relation with my parents, my siblings, and everything around me. What is a constellation? Well, a constellation is a means by which you can know yourself. With the issue that you want to explore, to know more about [that], and the constellation helps you to find out what links you to that issue and what part of your own story is linked to that issue. It may be due to your own story or the story with your parents or your siblings, or we can go even further back to your grandparents and your great grandparents. What I find very useful for this work is that it helps you to really grow. Because if you take whatever you find in the constellation, what the hidden dynamic was, and you take it to your everyday life, maybe you can promote your own change. And you grow. You know yourself. It helps you to know yourself and by knowing yourself, you grow, you are more free. You can really make changes in your own life and find more harmony with interrelationships that you have with your family of origins or with your own family. So I have seen through the years, that it's really, really, really, very useful and it is based on love; I really like that part.

So, also with regards to the relations within the community of constellation workers, how do you feel connected to maybe other trainers, maybe other coaches?

Well, the good thing for me has been to come to an intensive that is held in Germany. It used to be held in Bernried. Now we're in Kochel. And here, you make real friends with people from all over the world and you meet new trainers and new ways of doing the work! Because this work is very dynamic. So, the more you learn, the more you know different facilitators, your work grows and you acquire more knowledge and even wisdom from them, and you make all these networks with people all over the world.

And if you look at this community, this network basically of different people working in different ways, is there something like...Nothing is ever perfect and with that it's perfect, but, what would you say this community could use a little bit more of or maybe be a little bit less like? What would be something you'd invite other constellators and trainers to maybe explore a little bit more?

Ah, well, because of my experience of coming here, I've been privileged to be able to come to this intensive, I really suggest people that are working with constellations to keep on learning. The more you see people doing it, the more you'll learn. To be open to whatever constellator you come across. And if you have the possibility to go, even in your own town, to go and visit other schools, with different types/ways of doing it, with different styles, and this work is so dynamic that it has gone into so many different knowledge directions. So, if you don't keep on learning, the work gets very rigid. So, for you to keep it alive within you and in your practice, I'd highly recommend to go elsewhere and see how people do it differently. You might learn something. You can be surprised and you'll be fine.

And with regards to the development of the work field –it has been around for a while now but it's still struggling, it's sort of like not a child anymore, more like an adolescent maybe even. So, what is something that you are actually really excited about, that actually does work within the community of constellations work? What is something that excites you?

The neuroscience. Oh yes, neuroscience. That this work is taking into another field's [knowledge]. Trauma for instance. Some years ago, nobody talked about trauma. And now trauma work is very important. And neuroscience, I'm very excited about that part! How to understand what happens in the body? Because I'm convinced that everything is in your body. Your body has a history of everything. Your own life, your parents, and all the family you come from, it's in the body. So how to work with the body within the constellation, taking into account all the knowledge of neuroscience and trauma?

Great! Allright, so we're done.

Yes, we're done. Thank you. Thanks to you, Oscar.

See you later! Bye. Bye bye.


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