Interview on Systemic Work with Elena Veselago

ISCA interview with Elena Veselago

In preparation of this year's gathering of the International Systemic Constellations Association, I'm doing short interviews with systemic coaches, trainers, presenters, and frontrunners in the constellations field.


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So I'm here with Elena Veselago. She has been a full-time constellator for 10 years, part-time for 4 years, and then also quite some years...

5 or 4 years as a client, observer, and as a representative.

Also very experienced. And you're working in Russia mainly, right?

Yes. I work in Russia and also I've established my institute in Berlin. And now I've started my institute in Prague. Okay. And I work in the United States as well!

Okay, cool! So, from a lot of different places!

So, the first question I always like to ask is this. A lot of the facilitators and trainers, there seems to be something around defining the work, that it's quite difficult to define what it is. So, maybe I ask you: What would be constellations work? What does it mean for you? And how would you explain it if someone would just randomly ask you?

Constellations work for me, first of all, it is the field and my connection with the field. For me it doesn't matter what I'm doing technically, what I'm setting up, which way I'm setting it up, which way I interview a client, which way I start a constellation and end a constellation. For me, the essence of constellations work is how we are connected to the field. How we train ourselves to observe the field and to follow the movements of the field, which have already started before we began our constellation, before we had a conversation with the client. Constellations have a lot of, let's say, branches or schools, all things like this, and they are very different one from the other, but the essence is the field. Me personally, I'm very much for the unity, for a union for every branch and school of constellation work without any distinctions about what we're exactly doing.

Yeah, that's great! And if you would define the field a little bit more? Because maybe some people see this and they are not so into constellations yet? What would that be?

For me the field is a place where our feelings are kind of recorded and saved and it doesn't matter whether this feeling is accepted or not, but there is like a flag. This feeling was accepted. And this feeling was not accepted. Like a border between accepted and not accepted, included and excluded, life and death. I also do shamanic work and as a shamanic practitioner I can see in the field not only human feelings, instead, I also see movements of nature, movements of spirits, and movements of something bigger than we, the nature, and then particular spirits. Maybe this is movements of God. Maybe this is movements of something even beyond our idea of God. In classical, traditional constellations work, I use the field only for human feelings, only for the clients' feelings and the feelings of his family, of his people, and maybe the social field, but not the spiritual field and not the field of nature.

Allright and so my other question is: How do you feel connected to the wider constellations community of different trainers, workers, thinkers maybe even? How do you feel that it's there?

From the very beginning of my constellation training, I started abroad. I am very connected with constellations facilitators all over the world. I was connected with Bert Hellinger, I am connected with a lot of German teachers who were the first teachers of constellations work. I also connected with teachers and practitioners from the United States. Now I'm also connected with practitioners from Africa and even Australia and Asia and even Japan. So I feel connected. But this connection is like "I travel abroad" and German teachers were traveling to Russia. And now there's like a pause in this exchange. German teachers don't come to Russia right now and I'm the only facilitator who's travelling abroad, even though in Russia we have at least 3000 facilitators, yet they all work only in Russia.

And if you look at the community and the different practitioners you have seen working [or] you have been with, what would you say this community of constellation workers need a little bit more of or a little bit less of? What would be your invitation to explore as a community?

Yeah, I was thinking about this. For me and what I'm observing, most of all we need a safe space for each other. We can have a lot of trainings everywhere. There are a lot of trainings and seminars and conferences, intensives. That's not the problem. What we really need, I think, is this: We need a safe place for each other, not a place for competition, but a place where we can do our personal work and feel connected with our colleagues, who can hold a place for us and I can hold a place for others. So we hold a place for each other. Because what we're doing for our clients, it's not only the personal work, it's a work of a method in general, and clients look at us as a community, not one by one, but as a group. And if we are in a competition, our clients and the whole society [may] see us as separated with a different coach, psychologist, consultants. [Instead,] if we are a group we are seen as a united field. For me this is the most important thing we need. We need a safe space and we need to form to create a united field for our profession.

Great! So, with regards to the international trends and developments, is there something you're particularly excited about, that you say "Oh yeah, I'm actually really excited about this sort of movement or trend I'm in or we're in"?

I'm excited how beautiful field pictures we can form being in love with each other. Behind every movement, there is love. And when I observe the field, when I see the field, especially when it's a difficult issue, I can see how beautifully love creates our connection. And I'm very, very excited about this in my every constellation. One after the other I'm excited, all my worklife, at least 10 years and more.

Okay, great. Allright, thanks!

Thank you!


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