International Intensive on Systemic Resolutions: Meeting the Shadow and its Hidden Power

International Intensive on Systemic Resolutions in Kochel, Germany

I was at the 17th International Intensive Workshop on Systemic Resolutions in Kochel. What a pleasure to meet so many of fellow family constellators across the world, amongst others Guni Baxa, Judith Hemming, Hunter Beaumont, Diana Drexler, Fung, Sarah Peyton, and many others. I felt welcomed by Lutz Bessel and the rest of the faculty. I loved the quality of the other participants, and I made some good friends as well.

Me and Fung Lap Cheng

Tanja Meyburgh & Sian Palmer

Me and Judith Lemming

(Meeting) The Shadow: The Dark Side of Human Nature and its hidden Power

“That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” (Carl Jung) A crucial aspect of any integral practice is a way to be profoundly honest with ourselves about our shadow, or unconscious, or false self, or dishonesty, or disowned self. At a young age individuals learn that certain personality traits, impulses, emotions, and behaviors elicit reproach and negative feedback from their family, peers, and society at large. This negative feedback elicits anxiety in the individual, resulting in these “negative” characteristics being relegated to the unconscious. Over the course of development these repressed characteristics of one’s self coalesce to form the shadow – the “dark” side of our being. Since all individuals by nature have a shadow, what differentiates human beings is not the existence or non-existence of a shadow, but the degree to which one is conscious of their shadow. What is especially interesting is the idea that the shadow contains not just destructive and evil aspects of the personality, but also potent, creative, and powerful capabilities. Certain personality traits that would be beneficial and lead to greater wholeness and harmony, are frowned upon by one’s family, peers, and society out of envy, ignorance, or self-contempt. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” (Carl Jung)

Program Outline of the Week

The program consisted of lectures, faculty teachings, and spontaneous evening workshops by participants.

Highlights of the program

I loved the connection I felt with my group and I was thrilled with the many in-depth conversations. The evening workshops with Elena Veselago, Fung, Brendan O'Brien, Franziska Pretsch, Barry Krost, and I enjoyed like crazy. I loved to experience the so many different styles of "doing" constellations work.

It was Judith Hemming's last intensive as a faculty member so Lutz Bessel thanks her for her contributions all these years. I was delighted to have spent time with her this week. I really like her style, it's to the point.

Interviews with other facilitators

I did short interviews with my classmates, each one of them highly respected trainers and facilitators in their respective countries. I asked them the same four questions that fascinate me: (1) How do you explain constellations? (2) How connected do you feel to other systemic facilitators? (3) What do you think we need most as a constellations community? (4) What trends are you particularly excited about within the systemic work field? Thank you all for your willingness to do the interviews. Highly appreciated. Worth it to check out!

A visual summary of the speeches

Every morning we had a one-hour lecture by one of the faculty members. Click on the picture to enlarge. Do you want a high-quality print version? Please e-mail me. You can find my contact details if you scroll down.


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