Infosyon 2018 International Conference for Organisational Constellations in Wiesloch

Infoyson Conference 2018 in Wiesloch

I was at this year's Infoyson International Conference for Organisational Constellations in Wiesloch. What a pleasure to meet so many of the founders in the field, amongst others Gunthard Weber, Jan Jacob Stam, Georg Müller-Christ, Guni Baxa, Thomas Siefer, and many others. I visualised the plenary speeches. What a delight to be surrounded with this field's founding fathers. Thanks for welcoming me Katrina Barry!

Gunthard Weber and the organising team of this year's (awesome!) conference.

Thomas Siefer

Katrina Barry

Theme: Where are the Kytes flying?

In 1998 the pioneering conference "The Same Wind Let Many Kites Fly" took place in Wiesloch, Germany. The kites are flying and organisational constellations are practiced in various settings and with many different approaches. Now, 20 years later it was time to take a look at the different approaches, which fields of implementation have developed with which characteristics? In which contexts are organisational constellations used and with which formats? It is also a time to look forward: In which direction is the method developing and furthermore, what are our visions for the future? It was a great exploration.

Different Plenary Presentations

I especially enjoyed Gunthard Weber's sketch of the field, next to Georg Müller-Christ and Jan Jacob Stam's contributions. Click on the picture to find their powerponints. It's all open sourced. I'm so happy about that!

Jan Jacob Stam

Georg Müller-Christ

A visual summary of the speeches

All speeches (mostly in German) I visually harvested. My German is not perfect as you can see, but I tried.

And it was spring outside...


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