JOIN my systemic community

Become a friend of the systemic hub at De Zuidas, the financial district of Amsterdam. We're a growing community of professionals. We explore how systemic work principles, theory, and best practices in our work field can improve our personal, family, business, and societal life.

BENEFITS of being a friend

There are many benefits towards joining my group. While we add more options everyday, this is what you can expect at the moment. Looking forward towards pioneering with you as well!

exclusive invitations

Be the first to receive invitations for pioneering new offers, learning, and working together. You're invited for:

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  • unique friend events
  • intervision groups
  • cool brainstorms
  • developing offers
  • partner shortlist


systemic magazine

Receive my quarterly in-depth online systemic magazine with inspiring information. You'll get:

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  • articles on constellations
  • online inspirational videos
  • video-release notifications
  • interviews within the field
  • my studio to co-produce it


free workshop credits

The more you come, the more free workshop credits you can get. Get up to 5% discount on selected workshops:

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  • my monthly constellations
  • theme-specific workshops
  • systemic training programs
  • individual coaching trajects
  • business partner offerings


friendship card

How cool is that? Once you sign up, you can flash your card to all your friends, family, and friends. This will tell them:

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  • you work on yourself
  • you care about people
  • you break family patterns
  • you want human business
  • you choose local offerings


shortlisted local star
When asked for a documentary or interview, you get invited first to be a representative and play a role.

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  • to spread systemic work
  • to open source more info
  • to share "lived experience"
  • to role-model compassion
  • to put themes on agendas


priority coach room rent
Get priority when scheduling systemic events, workshops, and trainings in my feel-at-home coach room on De Zuidas.

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  • hold trainings with groups
  • do your acquisition events
  • do one-on-one client work
  • setup for recording videos
  • systemic materials present


GET your friendship card here

Your card makes you formally join my community of constellation practitioners, consultants, and pioneers. Besides, you're supporting systemic work to be shared with a wider audience.

Reservation for Friendship Card (yearly subscription)

For only E25 a month, you'll get your friendship card. This makes that you'll be the first to be invited for special events, receive the quarterly systemic magazine, and get many more benefits.

MORE about the systemic hub

The systemic hub on De Zuidas is a home-feel coaching room dedicated to bringing systemic constellations work into the business world. It is used for trainings, workshops, and seminars.

CURIOUS to learn more?

For questions and inquiries, e-mail me your phone number at or call/whatsapp me directly at +31 (0) 616261381. I am looking forward towards meeting you.