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LET'S DO a coaching trajectory

You are worth it to to become who you are. You can book a trajectory individually, but also together, e.g. as a couple, family, friends group, or with your business & stakeholder team.

session 1 Table Constellation

With play-mobil we quickly visualize the life story you tell yourself. This is how you get the big picture until now.

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  • What is your life's story?
  • What pattern comes back?
  • What is your life's theme?
  • What is your key question?
  • What is your "big life task"?


session 2 Internal Landscape Map

With A4s on the ground, we map your innermost experience. What emotional shortcuts do you take?

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  • When does your mind speak?
  • What belongs to you/others?
  • Who are you without ballast?
  • What does "belong to you"?
  • What is it you are noticing?


session 3 Group Constellations Evening

You are now well prepared to have a group resonate with your inner world. What does "your mirror" reflect back?

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  • What is it that you relate to?
  • What is new information?
  • What sticks/touches you?
  • Can you surrender to it?
  • What needs to still sink in?


WHEN you are triggered now

Are you fed up with someone or something? Then book one of my "trigger sessions". These sessions are part of and in addition to my coaching trajectory with people who are angry or conflicted with themselves. I also do them with couples, colleagues, and friends who are in a fight with each other. The sessions will not solve all your problems magically, however, they will take away most of the emotional and physical tension that comes with your conflict. You basically learn to ”be reasonable about being unreasonable”. After all, when we are triggered, we often repeat a situation from our past. If we can see how we do this, we’ll find our way out.

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