Invitation: Beta Book Sessions on Team Dynamics

Beta Book Sessions on Team Dynamics

I'm regularly writing a book. This time it's about Team Dynamics. Would you like to think along? Read on.


- have a lot of experience with people dynamics in the workplace
- are trusted by colleagues and clients for your emotional support
- work with larger businesses or a consultancy working with them
- are obsessively intrigued by reflecting upon people’s experience
- have so much knowledge that wants to be shared but is not atm
- are always eager to deepen your knowledge about “people stuff”
- want to create tools/language for constellations work in practice
- like to meet and be challenged by other professionals in the field

Then this Beta Book session may be for you.

A Beta Book session?

In a Beta Book session we will explore a theme from the Book that is in Beta. It's a bit like flying an airplane while building it.

What book?

We’re currently writing a book on Team Dynamics.

Questions that we hope to answer are:

- How can leaders make embodied decisions?
- What interventions help with what problems?
- What frameworks help us understand reality?
- What processes can we see or feel and how?
- What helps leaders be serious about people?
- How can employee experience maps help us?
- What is the business case for “people first”?
- How do we bring ourselves to the workplace?
- What’s the influence of ‘the system’ upon us?
- How can we bring together emotion and ratio?
- How can we map people processes step by step?
- What do we know from the latest research(es)?
- What does the future hold for people analytics?

By whom?

This Beta Book session is initiated by Oscar Westra van Holthe. He is the founder of Corporate Culture Strategy. Oscar is locally known as the systemic and family constellations coach of De Zuidas in Amsterdam.

The book will be a co-production with Jaap Schaveling. He is a full-time professor Cooperation & Leadership at the Nyenrode Business University. He gives lectures about brain research and systems thinking in business.

So what’s the plan?

- We will shortly present the outline of the book
- We will ask you input on cases you have had
- We will form small thematic discussion groups
- We will bring it together in some key learnings!

Why do we open up this process towards a larger audience?

1. To make sure our book is in touch with reality as much as possible
2. To change the way we work as HR business consultants in the field
3. To see what ideas are the ones to keep, trash, or work out further
4. To already have an audience before the book will be published
5. To speak the business language more than our “bubbly” one :p
6. Because it’s fun to be challenged by professionals in the field!
7. Because serendipity brings out the best things in and out of life.
8. We want to know if we are the only crazy ones or if you are too!
9. Is this concept worth our time and effort to build relationships?

Key question of this Beta Book session will be:

1. What people problems do you encounter most often?
2. What strategies alleviate/aggravate its resolution?
3. What questions are still open to you to figure out?


A voluntary contribution of E95 (ex VAT if you want an invoice).

Uh, but, wait, you have to be happy that I’m bringing you my ideas, right?

Yes, we are!

However, we’d like to make it sustainable.

So why do we ask you to pay for talking along?

1. We know you are committed to the event.
2. We know you are serious about the topic.
3. We know you are a professional in the field.
4. We know you are not afraid to invest in this.
5. Bookwriting is the worst paid gig in the world.
6. It will cover costs for location, drinks & snacks
7. You enable students get paid for their support.
8. You will get ideas and questions that help you.
9. Join a group of highly qualified professionals :)
10. You'll forget about it when meeting new friends.


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